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"A masterpiece"

The animation was great,the whole story was hell lot of funny ...excellent work for you guys :D
My eyes can detach from the screen now ? I don't wanna get hit by that monkey...just for my security :D

"Fantastic indeed ..."

Hardwood in small bottles i'd rather say ...true, the camera needed some zooms but in this case will make an exception ..
In rest it was damn awesome!! the motion , the fight,the music ...perfect if you could ask me XD

"Conclusion of the day"

Rainbows come from Bambee's rear ? ...I smell the awesomeness from you dude ..thumbs up :D

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"Instant winer"

A very great game.It does remind me of Icy Tower for some reason, but il leave it ..
indeed the keyboard controls are slighty better then the mouse(my opinion) the animation and music are well crafted and the music is terrific .
But..is it just me ..or everytime I hit a blue spike I can easily pass under the enemy without losing my lifes ?
Anyways keep up the good job .

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"Indeed a great game"

I agree that it tests your patience and reflexes , definetly a great game that is worth it . It's brilliant if you could ask me .10/10 :D

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"Olee !.."

The game is purely an instant winner and I agree ,it's a hell lot of fun and the music definetly fits in .A job well done JuicyBeast thumbs up :D

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I really enjoyed this.. (^_^)-b..great work !!!
Btw...what type of microphone u got? ..and ,what program do u ussualy use ?

Hnilmik responds:

I use a Samson CO1U and I usually record with Goldwave~ Of course, like I demonstrated, it depends on your setup and how you use it! I know plenty people with the same mic and programs as me who use it incorrectly!

"Not bad "

The end was preety fun though :D

"One question "

They got banned ?...no offensive..anyways kinda scared me ..
i hope i don't get nightmares from this :P

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"Kity ,kitty "

Now that cat has some good tastes ...what's not to like ? thumbs up ^_^-b

"Yep that's you all right "

ce fel de program foloseshti in general ? ..nice theeth btw .(^_^) ..

pordingos responds:

Multumesc!Folosesc Flash MX 2004.Imaginea asta e facuta cu mouse-ul


So this is the effect of the Halloween spirit aye' ? ...like the penknife ..thumbs up (^_^)-b

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